Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January RV Trip


Nick and I headed east to Quartzsite, Arizona for the big RV Show and the "Endless Flea Markets" last Thursday, spending the first night in Indio, CA.
We arrived in Quartzsite midday on Friday and picked our spot near some of these other RVer's. We were on the north side of Interstate 10, not far from where everything was happening. Talk about affordable--$5/night!! It's a unique camping experience if you've never been out there. You just get off Interstate 10 at one of the several exits and pretty much park anywhere you choose!!! There were RV's as far as you can see, on both sides of the freeway.

There isn't much to say about the small town, nothing really special, but from January till March every year thousands of people flock to this desert community, to see Rock and Gem Shows, Flea Markets, people watch and every kind of gadget you can imagine!! We shopped these vendors for bargains for a couple of days, finding some goodies we just couldn't live without!!
(The RV Show is in the big tent seen in the picture above, left middle)
Besides all the great bargains you can find and the interesting people you see and meet, there are some beautiful views of the sky!!
No smog in Quartzsite, but the traffic in many places in Arizona, here and in the spring training towns of Surprise, Goodyear, Peoria and the like, almost rivals the LA freeways at rush hour. These towns get thousands of visitors every year, but most of the Arizona roads can't accommodate the numbers of people who venture there for these big events!!

We left a day early(on Monday rather than Tuesday) to try to beat the rainstorms predicted for the Southwestern states. We hit some rain on our journey home but not much. The pouring rain actually started right after we returned home-which made for some difficulty in unloading the motorhome.

A favorite site of our family's, when heading to the river or Laughlin or Palm Desert to visit Nick's parents back in the day, is the windmills east of the Palm Springs area, pictured below.
The winds blow them 'round and 'round even when it rains!!

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