Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jazmin and Jordan's Wedding!

Mr & Mrs Anderson--Just married on May 23, 2009 !

Last weekend we attended the rehearsal dinner and wedding of our nephew, Jordan and his new bride, Jazmin. The wedding was held in the hills of Simi Valley at the Lost Canyons Golf Club . It was great seeing family, our mom, our Auntie Ruth, my sister, Kathy and her family. The outdoor wedding was beautiful--blue skies, bright sun, and a bit of a chilly wind! We are so happy for the newlyweds.

Our son, Alex and Jordan (friends and family since birth, 16 months apart in age)
just before the ceremony.

From l to r: Pastor, Jordan and his groomsmen: Travis, best man, Quin, Dane, Alex, our nephew, Josh, brother of groom, and Tommy.

Our niece, Ashley, sister of the groom, our daughter, Nicole
and our "daughter", Angelina right after the ceremony.

The bride and groom with their cousins!
Angelina, Auntie Ruth, sister of our mom, Grandma, and Alex.

It was great seeing old friends:
especially John, our "brother", his wife and daughter and granddaughter from Washington state. Kathy and I grew up with John (he was our next door neighbor, and like a "brother" to us-went on many a vacation with our family over the years).

Pictured above are Cheryl and John's middle daughter, Lynn and her daughter, Claire, 22 months, standing with our daughter, Nicole, and her daughter, Gigi, 2 yrs.

Our wedding gift to Jazmin and Jordan was a queen size "How Charming" quilt I made and quilted in their colors! It was a true labor of love and a joy to make for them as their start their life together.
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Today is the One Year Anniversary of
our son Alex
and his wife, Angelina.

We love you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gigi Turns "2" !!

Gigi is 2 years old!
Papa pulls Gigi in the new Radio Flyer ATW (All Terrain Wagon)
we bought her for her second birthday!
Yaya and the birthday girl! Isn't she a little doll!!

These days we are blessed by the sounds of our now 2 year old granddaughter as she runs around our house. We are really enjoying her living with us (and her parents)! She is a bundle of energy (wish I had half of it!) and she lights up our lives. She has such an infectious laugh that puts a smile on our faces immediately! We just can't get enough of that cute laugh of hers!!! Her 2nd birthday party was held at Oceanside Harbor Beach. It was so fun just watching her run around and interact with her little friends! It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny newborn, but alas, she is "so big" now that she just started climbing out of her crib! OH MY! More fun times ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring Flowers in Our Yards!

Spring has sprung and the flowers are in full bloom. As I walked around our yards this morning I took some pictures of our flowers. They are always so pretty this time of year.

We've lived in our house for over 8 years and Nick has been tirelessly working on the yards ever since. It seems fitting to display some of the fruits of his labor at this time as he can only savor the beauty of our gardens while he recovers from his shoulder surgery. Aren't these flowers breathtakingly beautiful!?!

I love all the bright pink colors that are surrounding the walkway, waterfall, and slide of our pool area. (Unfortunately, the darker pink flowers only bloom for about 6-8 weeks, right now, during spring.

This is the arched trellis used in Alex and Angelina's wedding almost a year ago now. It now stands at the entrance to our fruit trees area and adds a nice memory to our beautiful backyard, created by the very talented and dedicated guy who spends so many hours tending to the details of the landscaping of our yards, known as my husband, dad, and chief.
Thanks, Nick, for all the hours you have put into the beauty of our yards!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Surf City Weekend

(Huntington Beach Pier)

Last weekend we spent time with the family in the RV in Surf City Huntington Beach. It was our last RV outing for a while, since the chief had to have rotator cuff surgery. He won't be able to drive the RV for a few months.We "camped" right next to the boardwalk which runs along the edge of the big, sandy beaches that go for miles along the Pacific Coast. We stayed for three nights at the City of Huntington Beach's Sunset Vista Camping Facility, which is in the midst of the public parking lots. It is open for RV camping from October 1 through May 31st each year, offers water and electricity, and one of the most spectacular ocean views in Southern California!(The view from our RV front window)

Nicole, David and Gigi stayed with us in the "home mome" for two nights. Gigi just loves riding in Papa's "home mome." Alex and Angelina came down for dinner on Thursday and on Friday night we had some of the kids' friends come for a BBQ and bon fire on the beach (too cold for me, though, so I stayed in the "home mome" with Gigi). David's parents joined us on Saturday, for a bike ride down the boardwalk and dinner.
The weather turned out to be really nice the entire weekend. We had clear blue skies and sunny days mixed with a few clouds and lots of ocean winds. We took lots of walks down the boardwalk and out on the HB Pier, where we watched surfers riding the big waves. All in all it was another great weekend in the RV!

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