Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2016 OPAM (One Project A Month) PROJECT FINISHES

During 2016 I finished 40 ProjectS

Among my finishes I made 9 quilts of various sizes, 4 quilted table toppers, clothes for my grandkiddos, 12 hand knit projects, and more. While I finished fewer projects than last year, I did complete 3 big projects that I have been working on for several years, including this beauty, 

"Journey of a Quilter," which is hanging in my sewing room.
  • (1) Knit V-Neck Vest for my grandson
  • (4) Knit Dish Cloths
  • (1) Flannel PJ bottoms for me
  • (5) Flannel PJ Bottoms for my grandkids
  • (1) McKenna Ryan Art Quilt Wall Hanging
  • (3) Knit Dish Cloths
  • (1) "Thyme to Water" Applique Quilt (69" x69")
  • (1) Plastic bag fabric holder
  • (1) Handknit Lacy Sweater Vest for a special lady
  • (1) Handknit Lacy Sweater Vest for my granddaughter, Gigi
  • (3) Half-Sq Triangle Lap Quilts for Charity
  • (1) Mystery Over-sized Queen Quilt in Batiks
  • (2) Northwest Trip Memories Table Toppers 24" sq
  • JULY
  • (1) Baby Quilt
  • JUNE
  • (1) Flannel Baby Burp Cloth
  • (1) Fleece Blanket with Satin Binding
  • (1) Sampler Lap Quilt made with Quilt Blocks Swapped
  • (1) "Taylored Stars Queen Quilt
  • (1) Red White and Blue Round Robin Tablecloth/Quilt
  • MAY
  • (1) Flannel Comfy Shorts for my grandson Seth
  • (1) 84" Tablecloth
  • (1) Hand Knit Long Lacy Sweater Vest for my daughter
  • (1) PJ bottoms for my granddaughter-Hallee
  • (2) Flannel Baby Girl Burp Cloths
  • (1) Hand Knit Scarf
  • (1) "Journey of a Quilter" (started July/2014)
  • (1) "Beachy Stars" Lap Quilt

Friday, December 23, 2016


Highlights of 2016

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I had the best of intentions for writing blogs, but alas, our busy life got in the way and I didn't make the time to write any! So, here are the Highlights of 2016. It was another busy year filled with family, friends and fun, traveling, RVing, quilting teaching, and much joy. 

We traveled throughout the year. In January our traveling included a trip to a very stormy New Jersey,  and a Caribbean cruise with friends. In July, we flew to Seattle & took a summer road trip with friends (not in the RV) thru the Olympic Peninsula; drove around the Lavender Festival in Squim; ferried to Vancouver Island; stayed in a quaint, boutique hotel close to the waterfront in historic Victoria; spent a day amongst the beautiful flowers of the Butchart Gardens; ferried to Vancouver, Canada; spent a couple days in Whistler; then continued on to the big city of Vancouver; then back to Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is so picturesque and a favorite of ours. Sept we went to Laughlin on our now “annual family vacation;” spent 4 fun-filled days on the Lake Mojave with our adult kids and 5 grandkiddos-always a great time! Oct we went to Santa Catalina Island on our friend’s sailboat. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip; had fun exploring the town of Avalon.

RVing included the month of March in Arizona for Spring Training again; in May, a weekend with family and friends in Julian; spent the 4th of July in Oxnard with my sister and family, then onto Buellton to camp with friends; in Aug at Rincon County Park (on PCH but right on the edge of the beach; for our Annual Thanksgiving week of camping we spent it with friends and family at Del Mar RV Resort, on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Nick did a lot of teaching all over So Cal for the State Fire Marshal’s Office; he worked on beautifying our yards, and helped with our master bath remodel, re-staining our vanity and tiling the floor. Karen went to the Broadway play, ‘Carole King’s Beautiful” with Nicole (a wonderful night of reminiscing back to my college days!)and went to 4 quilt retreats, making many quilts for charity.

Rounding out the year we tried to spend as much time as we could with all 5 of our grandkids (pictured above l to r: Seth-3½, Hallee-5½, Gigi-9½, Micah-6½, and Brody-6½). Every time we are with them it is always fun. They bring us much joy and happiness.

Monday, March 28, 2016

2015 OPAM (One Project A Month) PROJECT FINISHES

  • In 2015 I completed 63 Projects, including 21 placemats, clothes for my grandkids, quilted table runners, quilted table toppers, knit projects and 4 original designed quilts.

  • (5) Hand knit Scarves for the grandkiddos
  • (5) Hand knit wash cloths
  • (14) Special Placemats
  • (3) Personalized Placemats for Grandkiddos
  • (7) Personalized Placemats for Grandkiddos
  • (2) Christmas Log Cabin Table Runners
  • (2) Black Batik Log Cabin Table Runners
  • (1) Cathedral Windows Table Topper
  • (2) Summer Twister Star Table Runners
  • (1) PJ flannel shorts for Seth
  • (1) "Summer Sunset" Wallhanging, my original design
  • (2) Placemats for grandkids
  • (1) Blanket sleeper for great niece
  • (2) PJ flannel shorts for Brody and Micah
  • (1) Sundress for my granddaughter, GIgi
  • (1) Small quilt for a cute boy
  • (1) Button down shirt for my grandson, Brody (his request!)
  • (1) Sun Dress for my granddaughter, Hallee
  • (2) Summer jammies for my granddaughters
  • (2) Sun Dresses for my granddaughters
  • Finished embroidery on "Journey of a Quilter" quilt project! (YEA!)
  • JULY
  • Worked on embroidery blocks for "Journey of a Quilter" quilt project
  • JUNE
  • (1) "Summer Radiance" for AnnaMariaHorner Mini Quilt Swap, my original design.
  • (1) Padded cover for RV Magellan GPS
  • MAY
  • (1) "Wonky Blocks" Original Wallhanging for AlisonGlass Mini Swap on Instagram, my original design.
  • Worked on embroidery blocks for "Journey of a Quilter" quilt project
  • No finishes; worked on embroidery blocks
  • (1) Happy Birthday Wallhanging, my original design
  • (2) Sundresses for granddaughters made with fabric from Tahiti
  • (1) A "Wendy" nightgown for Gigi's Play, Peter Pan

2014 OPAM (One Project A Month) PROJECT FINISHES

During 2014 I completed 34 projects, listed by months!

  • (1) Christmas Crazy Eights Table Runner
  • (3) Embroidered and quilted patchwork pillows
  • (1) Black and White Queen Quick Trip Quilt
  • (2) "Twisting Pinwheels" Table Runners for friends
  • (1) "Happy Stars" Table Runner for a dear friend
  • No finishes! Worked on applique blocks  for "Journey of a Quilter" Quilt while traveling!
  • On the road exploring northern USA in our RV
  • No finishes! Worked on applique blocks while traveling!
  • On the road exploring northern USA in our RV
  • JULY
  • (1) Firefighter Lap Quilt for my hubby
  • (2) Matching Batik Dresses for my grgirls!
  • (1) "Remembering Heroes" Charity Lap Quilt
  • (4) Pillowcases for granbabies
  • JUNE
  • (1) Whirlwind Baby Quilt for a friend's grandson
  • (1) Baby Flannel Burp Cloth
  • MAY
  • (2) Patriotic Lil Twister Table Runners
  • (2) "Ocean Waves: A Star for All Seasons" Table Runners
  • (1) "A Sunset Over the Ocean" Minkie Lap Quilt for a friend
  • (2) Easter Dresses for my granddaughters
  • (1) "Hugs for Anna" Baby Quilt
  • (1) Baby Girl Blanket Sleeper
  • (1) Baby Flannel Burp Cloth
  • (1) "Loving Hugs" Baby Quilt
  • (1) "Horses" Lap Quilt for my grandson, Brody
  • (1) Messenger Bag for Coloring for my grandson, Brody
  • RVing in AZ for Spring Training
  • (1) "Night Watch" Bear Applique Wallhanging for RV
  • (1) "Lucky Penny" Tossed 9 Patch Oversized Queen Quilt for my daughter- I long arm quilted this quilt-my first long-arm quilting project!
  • (1) Friendship Prayer Lap Quilt for a friend

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year's Resolutions: to make them or not?

I started the new year out thinking about New Year's Resolutions for 2016.  
Every year I seem to always think about them, but I can't remember if I have ever actually written them down. 
That's not to say that I don't make "to-buy" or "to-do lists," 
because I make those. But actual New Year's Resolutions, nope! 

Holley Gerth describes it so well: "The new year unfolds like pages in a book yet to be written, bringing hope and endless possibilities." 

The beginning of a new year is exciting and fresh. 
It's a time to reflect and look forward to new things. 

Instead of New Year's Resolutions, I'm starting the year out with 
some great ideas and plans: finding "my one word" for the year; for trips; for writing more blog posts; for quilting projects I want to finish (that's a really long list!); and sewing projects I want to make.
I've decided my word for the year is going to be "JOY-JOYFUL!" I'm going to look for the JOY in each day and each situation.

One thing I have always wanted to do, and never have, is read
the Bible in a Year. So, along with my "to-do lists," and finding JOY is each day, 
I've committed to doing just that; I'm joining many who attend
The Fields (my daughter and SIL's church), and reading the entire Bible in 2016!

Here's to a productive and enlightened 2016!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Look Back on the year 2015!

Hoping everyone had a very Merry and Joyful Christmas, 
filled with much love. We enjoyed Christmas as we spent it with family and  
celebrated the birth of our Savior.

Another great year has flown by, faster than the last. 
It was filled with so many blessings for which we are ever thankful. 
It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone, 
and we will celebrate the beginning of another year! 

 Nick celebrated #60! Most Mondays he can be found riding his bike (20 miles) around Mission Bay. He tries to play golf at least once a week. He is "giving back" by doing interview preparations with firefighters who want to promote and teaching in the "fire community."
Karen still loves sewing, having made clothes for all 5 of our grandkids, and quilting!  
She also attended a couple of quilt retreats with her quilting buddies, Nancy and Lynn!

We love our times spent with family and the grandkids who are getting big, too fast. 
Gigi is 8, in 3rd grade, played softball and loved being a part of a team! 
Brody & Micah both 5, started kindergarten. They both love learning.
Brody played t-ball for the first time. 
Micah is in public school, doing skateboard tricks and ever active! 
Hallee, now 4, is basically doing kindergarten with Brody, 
goes to a home preschool 1 day a week, and started dance lessons. 
(Nicole continues to homeschool her kids.) 
Seth, now 2, is fearless, still running, talking up a storm, and knows his colors!

2015 included RVing trips to: Spring Training for Baseball in AZ; Julian; 
back to the state of Montana, for a month of camping @Yellowstone & Glacier Parks with good friends, as well as visiting friends who live in Montana; 
Santee Lakes & Pismo Beach; Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton, right on the sand! 
Thanksgiving week we camped at San Mateo campground-the inland campground that is part of San Onofre St Beach; it was one of the coldest Thanksgivings we've had, but we enjoyed our time together with family and friends. 

Our family vacation together took us to Laughlin/Lake Mojave, Nevada, for Labor Day weekend. All the grandkids loved riding in the boat (or helping Papa driving the boat!), playing on the big tube in the perfect, private cove we found. 
The big kids did some water sports (wake skating and wakeboarding), too! 
To top it off, Nick won big @ Keno! 

Best trip of 2015, was, by far, our 10 day Tahitian Islands Cruise. We sailed with my sister, Kathy and her fiance, Stan, and we had a fabulous time. Tahiti has the most beautiful teal ocean waters!

My mom, Great Grandma Hope is ever happy these days, albeit forgetful. She has Alzheimers but continues to have a healthy appetite and smiles a lot! She turned 88 on Christmas Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with family, friends, adventures and blessings!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hallee is 4 !

A belated birthday post!
Hallee's birthday was June 7th, 
and I didn't finish my blog post about her special day!
(OOPS! bad me). I've been so busy, I have neglected my blog. Traveling, sewing, quilting and just plain life seems to get in the way. I always have good intentions, and then I fall behind.

Hallee is 4 years old.
When she was born she was so tiny, 
the size of a Cabbage Patch Doll;

she was instantly loved by her big sister and brother;

she's very curious;

she's a girl of many faces;

she's quite a character;

she has many expressions;

but some of her faces aren't so happy;

she's a busy bee, so it can be hard to catch her looking at the camera;

she is adorable;

and she can be such a happy girl;

she can be shy;

she's a risk taker and she loves her "Poppy;"

she's a sweetheart;

and she loves her Yaya, too!

This Yaya is so blessed by her grandkiddos. Just the other day, Hallee said to me, "Yaya, I love seeing you," as she climbed into my lap! Hallee is a heart melter for sure and I love her so much!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Seth Turns 2 !

Our youngest grandson, Seth, aka Sethers, Sethie, Doodle 
turned 2 on June 3rd. 
Once again we find ourselves asking the question, 
"Where has the time gone?"

It seems like only yesterday that
 he was such a chubby, cuddly baby;

 he's expressive;

he's sweet;

he loves his Papas (he has two!);

he loves his yaya (aka yayayayayaya!);

he's inquisitive;

he has no fear (just like his dad, the big kid in the helmet!);

he's happy;

 And, he's adventurous! 

So glad he's ours!! 
He makes everything brighter and happier when he is around!