Monday, October 13, 2008


Isn't she the cutest CHARGER cheerleader ever?? We sure think so!

Gigi and Nicole came to hang out with us for a week, while David went to Argentina on business for the week. It was so much fun having them here. We got a taste of things to come soon, as the Bennett Family is moving back to California(YEAH!) at the end of November and moving in with us for a few months!

At 17 months, Gigi is not without a "ton" of endless energy!! It wasn't long before I had to do some redecorating to get some breakable things out of Gigi's reach--she is quick on her feet and loved running down Yaya and Papa's long halls and climbing on several things, including the tile covered hearth in our family room.

(Of course they will be bringing a couple of child proof gates to help with containing the little monkey!) We'll also be investing in some cupboard locks, which Nick thought would be a fun project for David once they are here. In the meantime I did put a few "removable" locks on a few of the most reachable cupboards to discourage her from getting into the wrong kinds of things (like household cleaners)!

Gigi loves animals, especially our two dogs. At first she was a bit scared when Sydney ("Nin-ney") would do her talking with the ball in her mouth--sounds a bit like friendly growling---but that didn't stop Gigi from wanting to see them and be with them all the time. She calls them both, "Nin-ney" and loved to pet them and sit close by them. Once she saw Yaya and Papa each day the next thing she said was "Ninney! over and over again.

Alex and Angelina came down for a few days too and we all spent a day at the San Diego Zoo--where Gigi marveled at all the animals and we marveled at watching her!!

We had some warm So.California weather so enjoyed the pool, too.

To see more pictures from their visit, click on the link to my flickr page: