Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Camping with our BFFs

We spent a wonderful week camping in Fort Bragg, a small town nestled on the beautiful rugged coastline of northern California, spending time with family and great friends! Nances and Pavones always have the best times together and this trip was no exception.

This year our daughters (Nicole and Emily) and their families joined us, as well as 5 adorable grandbabies (3 of ours and 2 of the Nances, as well as one to be born in August)! It was heartwarming to see the newest generation becoming great camping friends, as their moms before them! 

The oldest girls, Gigi, 5, and Isabelle, almost 4, even liked doing the dishes on the table benches (reminiscent of their moms, many years ago)!

We had the best campsites ever at Pomo Campground! They were so private, we hardly knew anyone else was there. We had gorgeous views of the large redwoods, pines and blooming rhododendrons surrounding us.

We relaxed, played games, visited the quiet town, and talked, a lot!  
Guys went abalone diving and were successful both days.
A delicious abalone feast was consumed by everyone, even the little ones loved it! 
Eric shows David,Brody, Gigi, Isabelle (Nicole)and Olivia (Emily and baby) an abalone in its shell.
We explored nearby "Glass Beach" at the north end of town, on a foggy morning,
David, Nicole, Brody, Auntie Grandma Lynn, Papa and Emily 
Rick, Lynn, Karen and Nick

 enjoyed campfires each night, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores

Beautiful weather, sunny days, crisp nights, camping, and friendship, mixed with only one afternoon/eve of some rain, a rarity for Nor Cal, made for a great week of fun!

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Boys are 2 !!

Brody and Micah are 2 now!  
Brody turned "2" on April 6th and Micah turned "2" on May 12th.

So hard to believe these two little babies
 are now running, jumping and climbing pretty much anywhere they want to go.  And GO they do! They are always on the go!
Both boys are happy all the time with the cutest smiles!! They love to eat! Love to play and Love to Laugh and they always make us smile and laugh too!

Brody loves his "Dodger Blue" hat and to play ball!!
Micah loves his steering wheel to "drive" his truck!

Getting all 4 cousins to sit and smile at the same time is no easy feat! 

Brody, Hallee, Gigi and Micah 

We are such proud grandparents!!