Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Jane over at Sew Create It posted a blog about a google game where you search for “unfortunately, your name”, including the quotes. The search results should reveal some interesting, very funny, if not unusual quotes.

Here's what I got when I searched for “Unfortunately, Karen”

Unfortunately, Karen’s excitement met with a major obstacle.

Unfortunately, Karen [was] voted out of the competition last Saturday.

Unfortunately, Karen had ridden for awhile on a tire going flat.

Unfortunately, Karen could not fly out until late Friday night.

Unfortunately, Karen's 1966 solo, "I'll Be Yours," didn't chart and only received very minimal airplay in L.A.

Unfortunately, Karen's story is not on a par with her grasp of her subject.

Unfortunately, Karen has been taking another stab at cooking, and her next victims are her parents.

Unfortunately, Karen didn't get to sing, but she got her fill of dances.

Unfortunately, Karen made a bad meal.

Unfortunately, Karen's experience is all too common.

Unfortunately Karen seems to have picked up a bit of a cold from the whole experience.

LOL...and there's plenty more laughs. Have a go yourself and see what results you get :o)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Fun Weekend

Another trip in our "home mome"!

For Presidents'/Valentine's Day/Nicole's Birthday Weekend we ventured down to Campland on Mission Bay, San Diego, less than an hour from home in the drizzly rain, wondering if we would get rained out. We didn't luckily!

Nicole, David and Gigi joined us mid-morning and stayed with us for the rest of the weekend. Saturday turned out to be another beautiful day in San Diego, with the sun shining bright in the gorgeous blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. The ocean breeze added to the brisk winter day as we walked around the campground which is right on the water's edge. While Gigi napped, the guys played cards as Nicole and I relaxed. In honor of Valentine's Day, Campland featured a "tent" dance with a live band. We walked over to the tent and enjoyed some music. Gigi and I danced a little, Nicole and Gigi danced, and then Gigi wondered around when she saw other kids and dogs.

Gigi is really getting into "rving!!" She loves to "drive" it and push the buttons, or light switches, over and over again!
Sunday, we all walked around the large campground. We stopped in a park area (took pics on a "park bench", above) and took Gigi to play in the kids' area that had a huge play structure, with 4 slides and swings.

Then, papa and daddy took Gigi for a long bike ride around the west end of the bay and over to Ski Island on the bay.

In the afternoon, Alex & Angelina and Dan & Jeri (David's parents) joined us in honor of Nicole's birthday. We all enjoyed a yummy fish dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto on the water!!

We thought we had escaped the predicted rain, but, we awoke up on Monday morning to heavy, crazy winds and rain. It poured rain most of the morning as we packed up, of course!