Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Jane over at Sew Create It posted a blog about a google game where you search for “unfortunately, your name”, including the quotes. The search results should reveal some interesting, very funny, if not unusual quotes.

Here's what I got when I searched for “Unfortunately, Karen”

Unfortunately, Karen’s excitement met with a major obstacle.

Unfortunately, Karen [was] voted out of the competition last Saturday.

Unfortunately, Karen had ridden for awhile on a tire going flat.

Unfortunately, Karen could not fly out until late Friday night.

Unfortunately, Karen's 1966 solo, "I'll Be Yours," didn't chart and only received very minimal airplay in L.A.

Unfortunately, Karen's story is not on a par with her grasp of her subject.

Unfortunately, Karen has been taking another stab at cooking, and her next victims are her parents.

Unfortunately, Karen didn't get to sing, but she got her fill of dances.

Unfortunately, Karen made a bad meal.

Unfortunately, Karen's experience is all too common.

Unfortunately Karen seems to have picked up a bit of a cold from the whole experience.

LOL...and there's plenty more laughs. Have a go yourself and see what results you get :o)

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Karen said...

When I did my own "Unfortunately Karen" search, yours was the first entry!