Friday, July 31, 2009

Finished July Projects

(Written on July 31st, posted on Aug 3rd! )

I'm on a roll--starting and finishing quilts, blankets, and blocks and more. I finished the two quilts I set out to complete in July, as a member of the groups "One Project a Month Challenge" (OPAM) and the"Charming Girls' Quilt Club" (CGQC). A list of the projects I have completed so far this year is listed in my side bar. (I need to link pictures to each but will have to have my daughter help me do that when she isn't so busy with Gigi (2) and blogging herself!!!)

Both of these quilts are gifts! So.... since they are gifts and I haven't yet given them to their respective new owners, I will just give you a peek at the backs, so as not to spoil the surprise.

For this lap quilt I chose to piece the back with leftover fabric I used to make the quilt top. (Actually a sneak peek at the front of this quilt is in my last post!)
For this baby quilt made for one of my daughter's friend's baby shower, I used one fabric that has a "jungle theme" with green foliage, trees, palms and lush foliage, blue waterfalls, blue-yellow sky, and more. It matches the fabrics I chose for the quilt top.
As if finishing two quilts wasn't enough, I also finished a Pieced Nine Patch Front with Flannel Back Baby Blanket (for another upcoming baby shower!).

I'll add pictures of these finished quilts and blanket in a week or two, after I have given them to my friends, so check back!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Charming Girls' Quilt Club-July Projects to Complete

So, I joined the Charming Girls' Quilt Club, a virtual quilting club, whose purpose is to encourage quilters to complete their projects. Many of us have several WISP's (Works In Slow Progress) in our sewing rooms. Those who don't quilt don't seem to understand how we quilters can start a new project before an old project has been completed. There are numerous reasons for this, but suffice it to say, almost all quilters do have many projects in various stages of the process, that they are working on at one time. Has something to do with the creative mind, I think!

I have two projects that I plan to complete during the month of July. One is a lap quilt in golds, oranges and dark reds from Eleanor Burns" Quick Trip Quilts book. It's actually almost finished. I am in the midst of quilting it myself. Then I have to sew the binding on and bind it by hand....
My second quilt project I haven't started as yet....but plan to start it next week. It is a gift I need finished by the first week of August, so I think my goal to cut, sew and complete it before the end of July is doable! I'm not sure of the pattern; I'm thinking of possibly doing 4 or 9 patch blocks alternating with solid blocks (that I may applique some animals on) or a crazy nine patch design. Here's a picture of my fabrics....More on this quilt as it develops!

Now I'm off to Pensacola, Florida, for the weekend with family. Going to my niece's wedding! I'm taking some hand applique (Bunny Hill's "A Tisket, A Tasket" BOM) and a good book with me!! I have two very long travel days, there and back.