Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Projects, Part 2

Gigi's Hawaiian Quilt is finished.
Just in time to be included in my January finishes for Charming Girls Quilt Club and OPAM !This quilt is for Gigi's room at Yaya and Papa's house. Whenever she comes to spend the night she sleeps in the room that was hers for 10 months!! It matches the Hawaiian theme in this room: Hawaiian Quilts and framed pictures I took when I was in Hawaii!! For Gigi's quilt I used many of the same fabrics as in the Hawaiian Quilt that is on the futon (in the same room), and added a few different fabrics to change it a bit. Both quilts have fabrics with Hawaiian flowers , surfboards and woodies!I designed both quilts, grabbing ideas from a few patterns I had seen for each. For Gigi's quilt I chose a soft yellow beach scene fabric, with shells and beach toys, for the accent and first border that really makes it look more childlike!

I tried to wrap Gigi's new quilt around her while she was sitting on the futon, but as you can see the challenge to get Gigi to pose and smile is not an easy task-this was the best I could get!

To make Gigi's quilt a bit warmer I backed it with flannel, which makes it so soft and cuddly. I added a label and included a Bible verse, the first Bible verse Gigi quoted to me just this week:
"Do not be afraid; your prayer has been heard." Luke 1:13. How fitting that she will be covered in the warmth of her new quilt, but she is also be covered in God's love.

Friday, January 29, 2010



Nicole tagged me. This time the instructions were to showcase 7 photos showing red around the home. As I took my pictures I noticed I actually have a lot of red accents around our house. Maybe, that's because Nick is a firefighter, and so we have collected a lot of
"fire memorabilia" over his 34 year career!
Hence, my 1st photo shows some of the red fire pieces we have!
2 - our red fireplace wall (color name: Red Red Wine)
3 - the red cat door stop my mom make (she used to make all kinds of fabric decorations
and sell them at craft fairs-she's a very creative lady!)
4 - red on one of my sewing baskets (Mary Englebreit designs)
5 - a red Yankee Candles-love the smells of Yankee candles and have several other colors
(Nick doesn't mind when I burn these candles since the flame is within the jar--
he has always HATED regular candles, as they can so easily cause a fire!)
6 - a red Cat pitcher (Catzilla Design by Candace Reiter)
I actually have a lot of these cat pieces around the house!
7 - a gorgeous dark red Antique Vase trimmed in real gold which
belonged to my grandmother and was handed down to my mom and then me.
So there you have it! In case you didn't know or hadn't figured out, I am a collector!!! It seems over the years I have added to many collections - fire decorations, cats, Precious Moments figurines, fabrics!!! Love my collections!!

My turn to tag 7- but if anyone else would like to play, please come back and leave a comment with your link to your red showcase!
How about Annelies ; Kristina ; Kelly ; Peg ; Mary ; Kris ; Emily
Any takers?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Finished Projects, Part 1

Busy with More Than Quilting!

With the end of January approaching quickly I thought I would share what I've done so far.
I've been knitting up a "storm"!! I used to knit years and years ago. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Jeri (Nicole's mom-in-law) showed Nicole and I how to make knit kitchen cloths
(she refreshed my memory about knitting; I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it.). So before Christmas I made over a dozen of these 100% cotton cloths for gifts,
and a few for myself!

Then I made Gigi one beanie with a pom pom and another beanie and matching scarf set.
Gigi really likes wearing her beanies, although it's kind of hard to tell since she isn't smiling here-it's really hard to get a pic of her smiling these days! She doesn't seem to want her picture taken anymore.

Since the beginning of 2010, I've been having a lot of fun knitting, mostly at night while watching TV. I've made 3 beanies ( all toddler size, which will be for sale soon- the proceeds will go to Nicole and David's adoption fund--I'm taking special orders if you'd like one--jest email the color and head size!! almost all colors are available in variegated shades.) (Sorry-the colors are off in this pic; from l to r: variegated pinks,
variegated blues, variegated reds).
and 2 scarves (over 60" long each) which I plan to give as gifts.Now I am making another scarf. This one is being made for Craft Hope's Foster Care Teens Project ( )--which is partnered with Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project (launched in 2005 to send red scarves to warm the hearts (and necks) of college bound youth).

Nicole and I both started our red scarves yesterday. Since we don't have a lot of time I've chosen a different pattern (from the one available at Craft Hope) for my scarf---one that will be faster to complete by the deadline of mailing it prior to Valentine's Day!Besides knitting, I finally finished sewing the valances for my family room--years overdue! Just need to hang them. I've also been working on the Hawaiian Toddler Quilt I'm making for Gigi's toddler bed at our house. I'm almost done--the body of the quilt is quilted, I just need to quilt the outer border, add a label, and hand sew the binding.
I hope to complete it this weekend to include it in my
January Charming Girls and OPAM finished projects.

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Our granddaughter, Gigi is just the cutest!! She does and says the cutest things sometimes! (Yes, of course, we are a bit biased!) She came over for a visit with her mommy and daddy today around lunch time. When she finished her lunch, she asked to be excused ("escuzed!").

Then Papa and daddy sat down for their lunch. She quickly asked if she could sit in Papa's lap. Once there, she proceeded to have "more lunch." She wanted to "share" Papa's chips and string cheese! SO... she waited patiently while Papa peeled the paper off the string cheese ( and I was able to get a quick picture before she turned her head...)
and as you can see, enjoys a bite of the string cheese!For someone so small, we often wonder where she puts all the food she eats!
A typical day for Gigi: breakfast, sometimes two; a half hour later, "Can I have a 'widdle snack'"; lunch, sometimes two; several snacks; dinner-with FOUR helpings of green salad (that's right-4 helpings of salad on Friday night with Yaya's thousand island dressing!)
and let's not forget a few m & m's throughout the day for going potty like a big girl!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January RV Trip


Nick and I headed east to Quartzsite, Arizona for the big RV Show and the "Endless Flea Markets" last Thursday, spending the first night in Indio, CA.
We arrived in Quartzsite midday on Friday and picked our spot near some of these other RVer's. We were on the north side of Interstate 10, not far from where everything was happening. Talk about affordable--$5/night!! It's a unique camping experience if you've never been out there. You just get off Interstate 10 at one of the several exits and pretty much park anywhere you choose!!! There were RV's as far as you can see, on both sides of the freeway.

There isn't much to say about the small town, nothing really special, but from January till March every year thousands of people flock to this desert community, to see Rock and Gem Shows, Flea Markets, people watch and every kind of gadget you can imagine!! We shopped these vendors for bargains for a couple of days, finding some goodies we just couldn't live without!!
(The RV Show is in the big tent seen in the picture above, left middle)
Besides all the great bargains you can find and the interesting people you see and meet, there are some beautiful views of the sky!!
No smog in Quartzsite, but the traffic in many places in Arizona, here and in the spring training towns of Surprise, Goodyear, Peoria and the like, almost rivals the LA freeways at rush hour. These towns get thousands of visitors every year, but most of the Arizona roads can't accommodate the numbers of people who venture there for these big events!!

We left a day early(on Monday rather than Tuesday) to try to beat the rainstorms predicted for the Southwestern states. We hit some rain on our journey home but not much. The pouring rain actually started right after we returned home-which made for some difficulty in unloading the motorhome.

A favorite site of our family's, when heading to the river or Laughlin or Palm Desert to visit Nick's parents back in the day, is the windmills east of the Palm Springs area, pictured below.
The winds blow them 'round and 'round even when it rains!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Creative Talent in Our Family


Have you seen this t-shirt at a Kohl's Store near you??

Isn't it a COOL design?!?
It was so exciting when we found it yesterday at our
Kohl's in San Marcos, CA!!
Why, you might ask?!? It's Simple --it's the second t-shirt, designed by
our son, Alex, and bought by a company to market and sell!!

Of course we had to buy a couple, and below it is proudly worn
by our son-in-law, David!!

So, you might want to check our the men's graphic t's at your Kohl's, too!!

Alex's first t-shirt design was bought by Target for their boys department.
Talk about a proud parent moment when we saw his first design
hanging on display in Target!!
It is currently on sale at many Target locations.
It sold out in a couple locations near us!
This t-shirt has been selling at Target since before Christmas.
It has been sold in San Diego county, Orange county,
and Pierce county, Puyallup, Washington!!
So check out your local Target.

We are so proud of our talented son, Alex!!!!
You can read more about these two designs, how they were picked,
see more of his t-shirt designs,
and other graphic designs at his website,

PS My new blog header is another Alexander Pavone Original!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Creative Projects

My Creative Projects TO DO List for January:

[For both OPAM (One Project A Month Challenge)
and the Charming Girls Quilt Club]

1 & 2 Hand Knitting scarves for gifts,
like the one pictured on the top!

3 Basting and quilting Gigi's Hawaiian Quilt for the toddler bed at our house.
4 & 5 Two pillowcases out of this Bamboo, eco-friendly fabric!!

It will be great if I can complete these projects.
On the horizon I do have plans
to finish the Fire Patches Quilt for my husband
(started a few years back).............Not only do I need to baste and machine quilt this quilt,
but I also need to sew on
all the patches (maybe more than 50)
my husband has collected over the
years from other fire departments
he's visited or ones
that have been sent to him.
This quilt has been a labor of love,
and it is time to finish it!!
But, it may have to wait till next month!

Monday, January 04, 2010

"OPAM Challenge" Finished Projects 2009 Recap

When I joined the OPAM challenge in January of 2009 I never imagined I would finish so many projects, many of which were gifts. The group was made up of many (279) quilters from around the world. By the end of 2009, I completed 75 projects (and many other random blocks and a few quilt tops); but the amazing thing about this was that there were a total of 5,694 finishes for the entire group! WOW!! Now that is a whole lot of sewing and quilting!! It was fun to be a part of this group and keeping track of my finishes. I plan to join it for 2010!! FOr the 2010 OPAM, Kris over at Tag Along Teddies is the co-host with Peg at Happy in Quilting.

I made a lot of Pieced Future Firefighter blankets for the many new babies of my husband's fire dept, like this one:

Here's a recap of what I completed:
  • (1) Nine Patch Baby Quilt for Baby Liam with Zoo Animals for Backing
  • (3) Future Firefighter Pieced Nine Patch Top and Flannel Backed Baby Blankets
  • 1 (dozen) Rolled Hem Receiving Blankets for Mountain Baby Blankets Project
  • (1) "Hugs & Kisses" Pieced top and Flannel Back Baby Boy Blanket
  • (1) "Flyboy" Lap Quilt for a great friend
  • (1) Baby Girl Pieced Nine Patch and Flannel Back Baby Blanket
  • (1) Quick Trip with Kitties Lap/Crib Quilt for the Mountain Baby Blankets Project
  • (1) "My Quick Trip to the Flower Gardens" Quilt Oversized Lap (64 1/2" X 84 1/2") for a Girl Scout Auction
  • (1)Tossed Nine Patch Baby Quilt for my nephew's first born
  • (1) Set of 4 "Lover's Knot" Placemats (Pieced and Quilted)for my son and daughter-in-law!
  • (1) Fabric-Reusable Shopping Tote Bag for my sister!
  • (1) Queen Size "Orion's Star" Quilt (Eleanor Burns newest book!) A close-up of the block:
  • MAY
  • (1) "How Charming" Queen Size Quilt for my nephew's wedding this month! (started & completed in May 2009 )
  • JUNE
  • (1) "Funky Flowers" Wallhanging (my Original Pattern) for "Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap"
  • (1) "Our Quick Trip to Novato" Lap Quilt (thank you gift for good friends)
  • JULY
  • (1) "4 Squares and Animals" Baby Boy Quilt for a good friend (my original design!)
  • (1) Baby Boy Pieced Nine Patch and Flannel Back Baby Blanket
  • (1) Fabric-Reusable Shopping Tote Bag for "Favorite Things" Online Swap
  • (1) Set of New Valances for my newly painted master bath!
  • (1) Toddler Sundress for my granddaughter, Gigi-she is always on the move and it's hard to get a picture of her still....
  • (1) "A Day at the Beach" Wallhanging (my Original Pattern) for the Good Ole' Summertime Mini Quilt Swap
  • (1) Christmas "Nine Patch Party" Lap Quilt (from Eleanor Burns' book Still Stripping) A close up of the quilt and border:
  • (2) 9 Patch Pieced Baby Size Quilt/blankets
  • (1) "Future Firefighter" Pieced Baby Blanket
  • (1) Matching Big Brother Firefighter Pillow Case
  • (1) Nightie top for my granddaughter, Gigi
  • (1) Big Sister Pillow Case
  • (1) Banquet Length TableCloth for my Table
  • (1) PJ Bottoms to match Gigi's Nightie top
  • (1) Hawaiian Dress for my Granddaughter. Gigi
  • (4) Baby Burp Cloths (aka "ni-nites" for my granddaughter!)
  • (1) Baby Girl Quilt (4 Patch and Squares with Panel back)
  • (1) Christmas Table Runner (Surprise Gift for SSCS)
  • (1) Adorable Taffeta Christmas Dress for my granddaughter, Gigi
  • (6) Fabric-Reusable Shopping Tote Bags-Christmas Gifts for friends
  • (2) Sets of 8 Reversible Half-Circle Christmas Napkins-fold into Christmas Trees
  • (2) Christmas Fabric Banquet Length Tablecloths
  • 1 (dozen) Hand Knit Kitchen Cloths
  • (2) Hand Knit Beanies for my granddaughter
  • (1) Hand Knit Scarf for Gigi
In addition to the projects I finished, I also made several blocks (for group quilts) and other quilt tops (that need to be quilted), some of which are pictured at the end of my finished projects also on my flickr page.

Here's the link to my flickr page with more pictures of most of my completed projects (somehow I didn't get pictures of all the projects!)