Wednesday, January 04, 2012

December 2011

Christmas Celebrations with the Pavones

We went to the Kids' Christmas Party at the fire department, mid-December, and the kids had a blast! The fireplace was decorated with fire boots for Santa and his elf's arrival, down the fire pole; the movie Polar Express was playing; children ran around laughing; there was pizza, vegies and cookies for the large crowd of over one hundred!
Our little he boys enjoyed sitting in the fire engine, and playing with their new wooden trains, and Hallee seemed to enjoy her first time sitting on Santa's lap! The boys, on the other hand, both screamed when their dads got them within close proximity of Santa and his elf! Even Gigi was more reluctant this year.

Christmas Eve.... we enjoyed a delicious Chicken Piccata dinner prepared by Nicole, accompanied by the wonderful sounds of the holiday season
from our newly set up (by Nicole) Pandora station on our TV.

After dinner.....

David and Nick assembled a few items. Top left, David assembling Brody's new train table; top right, David and Nick assembling Micah's tricycle.
Bottom left, all the family stockings were filled to their tops, and overflowing, each one having a "traditional orange" in the bottom. Bottom right, Our beautiful Christmas Tree!
Once the little ones were tucked away in their beds and fast asleep, we watched Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, one of our traditions!!

While we waited for Alex and family to arrive from Costa Mesa, we called Great-grandma (my mom) and sang her Happy 84th Birthday as Christmas is her birthday, too.
Christmas morning was filled with joy, laughter, wonder and amazement in the eyes of children, mixed with a bit of chaos and more sounds of Christmas!

Top left, Nicole with Hallee and Gigi; top right, Hallee on her new quilt beautifully paper pieced by Granny. Bottom left, Micah on his new tricycle and Brody on his scooter; bottom right, Alex with the boys, Micah and Brody.
And, Gigi riding on her new Razor Scooter, boy could she go fast down the slight hill of our driveway!!

At the request of our son, Alex, we "dressed-up" for Christmas dinner,
and we all looked fabulous, of course!
Getting all the kids to look at the camera at the same moment isn't always the easiest!
Top left, Alex, Angelina and Micah; top right, Karen (yaya) holding Hallee, Gigi, Brody and Micah in the middle, and Nick (papa)! Bottom left, David Brody Nicole Hallee and Gigi in front; Jeri (granny) and Dan (granpa)Bennett

A very Merry Christmas was had by all!!

More pictures on my flickr page.