Monday, August 31, 2015

Hallee is 4 !

A belated birthday post!
Hallee's birthday was June 7th, 
and I didn't finish my blog post about her special day!
(OOPS! bad me). I've been so busy, I have neglected my blog. Traveling, sewing, quilting and just plain life seems to get in the way. I always have good intentions, and then I fall behind.

Hallee is 4 years old.
When she was born she was so tiny, 
the size of a Cabbage Patch Doll;

she was instantly loved by her big sister and brother;

she's very curious;

she's a girl of many faces;

she's quite a character;

she has many expressions;

but some of her faces aren't so happy;

she's a busy bee, so it can be hard to catch her looking at the camera;

she is adorable;

and she can be such a happy girl;

she can be shy;

she's a risk taker and she loves her "Poppy;"

she's a sweetheart;

and she loves her Yaya, too!

This Yaya is so blessed by her grandkiddos. Just the other day, Hallee said to me, "Yaya, I love seeing you," as she climbed into my lap! Hallee is a heart melter for sure and I love her so much!