Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring Flowers in Our Yards!

Spring has sprung and the flowers are in full bloom. As I walked around our yards this morning I took some pictures of our flowers. They are always so pretty this time of year.

We've lived in our house for over 8 years and Nick has been tirelessly working on the yards ever since. It seems fitting to display some of the fruits of his labor at this time as he can only savor the beauty of our gardens while he recovers from his shoulder surgery. Aren't these flowers breathtakingly beautiful!?!

I love all the bright pink colors that are surrounding the walkway, waterfall, and slide of our pool area. (Unfortunately, the darker pink flowers only bloom for about 6-8 weeks, right now, during spring.

This is the arched trellis used in Alex and Angelina's wedding almost a year ago now. It now stands at the entrance to our fruit trees area and adds a nice memory to our beautiful backyard, created by the very talented and dedicated guy who spends so many hours tending to the details of the landscaping of our yards, known as my husband, dad, and chief.
Thanks, Nick, for all the hours you have put into the beauty of our yards!


Kritta22 said...


You have such a beautiful backyard!! It's like a little garden of Eden!


Can we come play?

Hopping over from our Bee!

Aunt Spicy said...

Your yard and flowers are so beautiful! I am really missing california after reading your blog!

Annelies Dease said...

Lovely garden, and the pool makes me jealous!!! Your poor husband. Brings back memories of Jim's rotator cuff surgery and recovery. Hope he is feeling better each day. Hugs, Annie

Marianne said...

Wow. Great place to live.

Shorty said...

What a beautiful escape! I'm truly envious! I can just imagine what it must sound like sitting poolside smelling the flowers....

ok, back to work for now! : )