Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Winter Olympics Come to an End!

My Love of the Winter Olympics

One of my most favorite things is watching The Olympics- especially the Winter Olympics, and Alpine Events, and Skating, of course. I Love the Olympics! I even enjoy watching the Nordic events, also known as cross country skiing. I also enjoy watching the Summer Olympics, especially the gymnastics events, but my heart has always had a fonder spot for the Winter games.

I grew up in Southern California in a suburb of LA in the San Fernando Valley. I started snow skiing when I was about 5 years old and skied my whole life (although I haven't skied in about 10 years now). We used to go to Mammoth Mountain many times every winter. When I was about 12 my parents and good family friends bought a lot in Mammoth and we built a cabin. The builder always said ours was the most insulated cabin up there because the women (2 moms and4 girls ages 9-14)) stuffed extra insulation in every nook and cranny we could!!
So many fond memories from our cabin and skiing adventures in Mammoth. I remember missing school because we had gotten "snowed in!" Very exciting for a SoCal girl!! I remember spending many "Easter Vacations" skiing in jeans and t-shirt on a sunny day at Mammoth!

My childhood dream was to move up to Mammoth, join the ski team and ski in the Olympics! (Not that I was ever that caliber of a skier-nor was I that aggressive of a skier--but it was a dream of mine.) I loved the Olympics! So every four years when the Winter Olympics occur I can live out my dream watching the Alpine skiing events. Seeing Americans doing so well this year has been the best. I'm as thrilled for them as if I were one of their moms!!

I watched a tribute to the 1980 Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team, and even now, 30 years later I got goose bumps and tears welled in my eyes to watch them win again. I vividly remember being in my living room, watching this historic sports moment, and cheering as loudly as if I had been there, "USA! USA!" when they won. These Winter Olympics it looked as though Team USA might do it again; they played so well throughout the tournament. But, alas, it was not to be. Instead, Canada won in OT and the national anthem of "Oh Canada" echoed loadly in the arena. Team USA should be proud~ They won the Silver Medal, afterall, and although the Silver isn't as revered as the Gold, they also won the hearts of all of America!
Did I mention I love the Olympics?! and as ABC Sports used to say, "the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of the defeat: I love it all!

Another dream has been to attend the Winter Olympics and Nick shares this dream. The excitement of being there amidst all the energy, Olympic spirit and thrilling moments would be such a great experience! So maybe we will attend the next Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, or another future games once he retires!!

With the end of the 2010 Winter Olympics came, too, the end of February. I finished several projects, listed on my side bar.

Many of the projects (for the CGGQClub and OPAM) I finished are gifts so I can't show pictures of all of them at this time. I did finish this cute
"Crazy Eight Strip Teaser Table Topper", a large baby quilt for our grandson due in May, a few other projects(shh-they're a surprise also for Micah),
a few baby burp cloths, aka "Ni-nites",and the top for my niece's quilt (also a surprise).

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