Thursday, April 17, 2014

OPAM 2013 - 19 Finished Projects

  • We did a lot of traveling in 2013.  
  • Consequently,  I didn't finish as many projects as I did in 2011 and 2012. 
  • I did, however, work on several of my UFO's so they are closer to finishing and completed a couple! 
  • Yea me, for progress!!

  • No projects finished in January, but I worked on several.

  • I completed this "Cape Cod" Large Lap Quilt for my daughter, Nicole, in bright and sunny yellows and teals. I love the movement in this quilt, and backing it with minkie makes it so soft and cozy!

  •  Another completed project was a "Night and Day" Lap Quilt for Lisa, a long-time friend (pattern is an Eleanor Burns' pattern) made of two pretty batiks.
  • We spent the month in Arizona for Spring Training in our RV. 
  • I was able to sew on 2 family quilts, when we weren't attending baseball games or golfing, but No Finishes.

  • I made this diamond baby quilt called "Big Top" for our youngest grandson, Seth. Angelina (DIL) picked the pattern and the fabrics, which are similar to his big brother Micah's quilt.

  • I also finished a Hand Knit Scarf for my daughter that matches her fingerless hand warmers, modeled by Nicole!  

  • MAY
  • I made a Set of 4 Napkins,
  • a Minkie Ni-Nite with Satin trim, for my grandson, Brody; and
  • a Minkie Ninny (sm blankie) with Satin trim, for my grandson, Seth!
  • I also made another Hand Knit Scarf for my friend Donna!

  • JUNE
  • I made myself a "Strings" Lap Quilt last year, and Angelina (DIL) loved it. So I made her one, her first quilt, and backed it with soft and cuddly brown minkie.

  • I made this "Friendship Hugs" Lap Quilt for my friend Sue, for her birthday. This pattern has quickly become one of my favorites to make. It's a simple pattern made mostly of 2.5" squares but looks great.  Sue's quilt is made of batiks!

  • No Finishes this month. We were on vacation in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. I did work on a couple of UFO'S in our RV.

  • I made a Blanket Sleeper, a gift for a friend's Baby Girl, 
  • a Set of Napkins for our RV, and
  • two Summer dresses for Me!

  • I finished a Hand Knit Shawl for Me (that matches a long dress) for our Australian/New Zealand cruise.

  • We were Cruising Australia and New Zealand for three weeks!!

  • I made another Baby Blanket Sleeper gift for a friend's new baby,
  • a Set of 8 Placements for Nicole and family, (as seen with two of the cutest grankiddos!!)
  • and two Christmas Stockings for baby Seth (one for mommy and daddy's house and one for Yaya and Papa's house).

  • I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I complete a creative project, especially one that has been patiently waiting for me to finish it!  Best of all, I feel such gratitude that I am able to share my creativity with others.

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