Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Life Happens!

Meet Brody!

During April I did finish a lot of projects, however, I didn't finish what I had anticipated to finish, especially at the Brown Bag Quilt Retreat I attended early in the month! Everyone knows how "life happens" and plans get changed.

Well, we had that kind of a month in a big way!

My daughter, Nicole and her husband, David decided to adopt quite a while ago. They completed all the necessary paperwork back in January, which took about a year, and then they waited patiently! The process, they were told, takes 18 months to 2 years from the beginning of the paperwork process until a couple is chosen by birth parents to receive a baby. After only 3 months, they were chosen by birth parents and met them, about two weeks before they got THE CALL from their social worker that the baby had been born, 10 days early!

They took their new son home 4 days later!

Meet the newest addition to our family, our new grandson: Brody Noah Nicholas Bennett

He was born on April 6th, 2010, at 6:10 pm, weighing 6 lbs. 4 oz. and 19” long.

What a miracle blessing he truly is!!! He is a joy and loves to be held!

(Luckily he has two sets of grandparents who love holding him!!!)

He’s 4 weeks old today. He’s a good eater and has already gained a pound or more and is filling out! He is a really good baby and not very fussy. He usually can be easily consoled, except for last night!!! He’s probably going through a growth spurt!

His big sister Gigi is quite proud of her new baby “Bro Bro” as she calls him. When Brody was only a week old she came running into our house looking for me. I asked her where her baby brother Brody was and she replied, very matter of factly,

“He’s still with us!” (Just too cute!!)

So I did manage to finish a lot of baby items for baby Brody and for his soon-to-be-cousin, Micah, due to arrive in 16 days!! I made many flannel receiving blankets and flannel "ni-nites" or burp cloths, several Pack 'n Play crib sheets, and two cute tote bags from the Bunny Hill pattern "Jelly Bags", like this one modeled by my daughter-in-law, Angelina (soon-to-be-mommy of Micah!). More pictures of Brody-click here!

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