Thursday, May 20, 2010



God has blessed us with another grandbaby!
We now have three beautiful grandchildren: Our daughter, Nicole and David's two,
Gigi, 3 yrs and Brody, 6 weeks,
and our newest grandson, Micah Alexander Pavone,
born to our son, Alex and his , Angelina, on May 12th,
at 8:19 pm,
weighing 7 lbs 5 oz
(one ounce more than his father weighed at birth!)
and 20 inches long.
(Yaya holding Micah!)
Micah is a sweetie with a full head of black hair-the most hair
I've seen on a newborn.

(Micah held by Papa)
Despite the fact he isn't even a month old yet he has smiled at us at least a dozen times.
You're probably saying, "He's not really smiling, he's got gas,"
but check out this picture-proof positive for sure!!

(3 Generations of Pavone men!!)

It's hard to put into words how happy we are about our ever-growing family!
We really love being grandparents, known to our grandbabies as Yaya and Papa
(from the Greek side of the family--Nick's mom)! Nick took to being called Papa very easily.
For me, it took some getting used to, being called Yaya. Now, whenever Gigi says it my heart melts--and I can't wait for the boys to call me Yaya, too!!


Crafty Mama said...

He's beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS to your family!!

Annelies said...

Hey girl...have missed you, but now I know why!!! What fun to have another bitty one to hold and love. God is good!!! XXXX Annie

Chakatoria said...

Beautiful pics! Congrats to your new addition. Papa and Yaya has a nice ring to it :)