Monday, December 31, 2012

A FREE Log Cabin eBook

What quilter doesn't need another quilt pattern? Quilters can always use another quilt pattern. I know I can. It's always good to have several patterns to choose from when starting a new quilt, especially when using some new favorite fabric that completely convinced you that you had to buy it! And, if there's a free pattern, that's all the better. I don't know a quilter who doesn't love free quilt patterns!

Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting  has a new Log Cabin eBook. It's called Build Your Best Log Cabin, and it's available online free.

I was contacted by Eric  Woolf, Online Media Coordinator for Fons & Porter, to review this free eBook and share the pattern eBook with you. I think it's a great quilt book and would make a nice addition to any quilter's collection of quilt patterns and books, especially if you love log cabin quilts! 

It features 3 types of Log Cabin quilts: Traditional, Courthouse Steps and the Chevron, with several block setting options for each. It includes many colorful pictures of new quilts as well as pictures of old antique quilts along with some interesting "history" about each style of Log Cabin quilt. Did you know that "folklore says that the red at the center of log cabin quilting patterns represents the cabin's heart while the yellow square typical in log cabin quilt patterns represents a lighted window." I love learning the history behind quilt blocks.

The eBook has 4 new quilt patterns, and the patterns have cutting charts with easy to follow instructions for making different quilt sizes. Patterns are also clearly identified as easy, intermediate or challenging, to satisfy any quilter's skill level. Helpful "Tips" appear throughout the book.

This ebook has some extra bonus features for machine quilting, including motifs and using suggested decorative threads, and unique binding ideas.  

Happy Quilting!
and Happy New Year!!

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