Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Hallee Hope is 1 !!

Our youngest granddaughter, Hallee Hope is now 1!
She is also walking and always on the go!
She was a cruiser for quite a while, and a bit unsure when she first started walking:

She did the ole' walk a bit than crawl to get somewhere faster.  Now she is stronger and crawls no more! Now she is on the run most of the time, except when she's tired; then, Hallee is a true cuddler.

We had a birthday celebration in our backyard, so the little ones could swim. The kids and a few adults enjoyed the warm summer day and the refreshing pool, as well as the yummy treats.

Soon it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Hallee! Everyone enjoyed fresh Strawberries and whipped cream, while Hallee had a special donut topped with whipped cream! You have to understand that when it comes to food, Hallee is NOT picky.  In fact she can't eat her food fast enough for her liking. If there's no more food on her tray and she wants more food, she lets everyone know she wants more.  Not by signing for more, like her siblings did. Nope, Hallee just "screams" for more! Loudly! Seriously! No quiet meals at the Bennett house!!  So it was a surprise when it came time for her to eat her pretty birthday donut, and Hallee just wasn't sure about what to do with it. She didn't even touch it.  She just looked it and then looked at everyone staring at her. It wasn't until yaya (yours truly) gave her a taste of the whipped cream that she "dove" in!

More fun birthday photos here.

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nicole aka gidget said...

actually it was just strawberries & whipped cream, and a pink donut for hallee. :) but it was a super fun party!