Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Fun at Spring Training

Traveling to Arizona for Spring Training has become a family tradition!

A waterfall near the golf course
Nick enjoying a game of golf
David shot his best game ever!
Nicole with a happy Brody

Gigi helps mommy make lunch
Hallee having fun playing with the beanie babies in the basket!
On a hot Arizona day, Sydney "relaxes" in the shade
An Arizona sunset
Papa and Yaya with Brody and Gigi at a night game
A tired Brody
Padres' Baseball at Peoria Sports Complex
The Hoffman brothers together in the Padres' dugout--
Glenn on the left and Trevor on the right!
Angelina, Alex and Micah in front of Peoria Sports Complex, before a Padres' game.

Micah having fun running through the waterfalls at a local park in El Mirage, AZ.

Andy and Nick enjoy a green beer on St Patrick's Day
An afternoon in Old Town, Scottsdale


alexander said...

Nice shots mom! See you're still a great photographer. There artsy shots in there!

nicole aka gidget said...

Love the Arizona sunset and the last photo, too. (oh, and my cute kids, too of course)