Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spontaneous Family Fun Day

On the spur of the moment, Nick and I went with Nicole, Gigi, Brody and Hallee to WAP, one day, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, now known as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We still refer to it as the Wild Animal Park, some things are hard to change!

It was a beautiful 70 degree day with a light breeze blowing. As we walked all around the park, we saw the elephants, tigers, lions, gorillas, including the newest baby gorilla, named Monroe, who is almost the same age as Hallee, born a couple of weeks after her in June.We also saw so many beautiful flowers all around the park.

While walking through the Lion area the funniest thing happened. The lions were lazing around in the sun, when one of the lions sneezed. We were standing on a bridge area behind a fence. Brody was standing next to papa, and jumped behind papa at the sudden sound of the lion's sneeze! He was quite startled. He also didn't like the sounds coming from the "jungle cars" in the kids play area.

Hallee slept through much of the day, while Gigi ran and skipped her way around the park. Brody rode in the stroller half the time, and the other half he tried to keep up with Gigi, which wasn't an easy thing for him, since he's still a bit unsteady on his feet, especially when he tries running.

We ate lunch at the park and enjoyed a waffle ice cream cone. After our "snack" we stopped by the meer cats exhibit so see them all "sunning" themselves. And, a visit to the WAP wouldn't be complete without a ride on the carousel! Gigi and mommy rode on animals, and it wasn't easy to capture them while they rode round and round!
Brody didn't want to ride on an animal so he opted for a seat with papa.

Days like this one make extra special memories because we see things through the eyes of our grandbabies!

More pictures.

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