Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Wonder

Hello blogland!!
It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been going through some old papers of my mom's and came across this beautiful poem my grandmother, her mother wrote in 1948. She penned it on a lined 4 x 6 page from a memo pad and entitled it, "I Wonder."

A flood of memories comes to mind when I see her handwriting, which is so familiar to me, even though I haven't seen it in so very many years. She was a wonderful person, loved by everyone. My sister and I called her Grandma, and the neighborhood called her Grandma Dodge because she was the neighborhood grandma for sure! She was such an amazing Godly woman, a true inspiration to me. She meant so much to me I honored her by giving her name to my daughter, Nicole Viola, who is also an amazing Godly woman and inspiration to me.

I Wonder

I wonder if one ever thanks
God for the beauty of a sunset,
Or for the laughter of
a child at play,
Or for the rain
that leaves our garden wet,
Or for the glory of the dawning day.

I Wonder

Viola Dodge 1948

Thank you, God, for the beauty of a sunset and the laughter of children at play,
(especially the play of my 4 grandchildren!).
Thank you, God Almighty, for the rain I do love, and how the rain provides nourishment for gardens everywhere on earth.
Thank you God, "for the Glory of the Dawning Day!"
Thank you God for every Dawning Day!

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lindsey said...

Just come across your blog and enjoyed reading through it. I will be back!