Monday, June 13, 2011

Camping at Fort Bragg

Another AB Diving Trip

We spent a week on the Northern California coast, with our best friends, the Nances, in one of the most beautiful campgrounds we've ever stayed in.(L to R: Rick, Lynn, Nick, Eric)

Located just south of Fort Bragg, one of the best things about the Pomo RV Park and Campground is the fact that they have many double sites and these double sites are surrounded by tall trees and shrubs that give you lots of privacy!! Some of the many flowers were beginning to bloom and everything was so green!!

We had cool weather and even some rain, but we really still had fun as we always do when we spend time with the Nances!!

Lynn and I stayed at camp to watch Lynn's granddaughters, while Nick, Rick, Eric, Emily and Dave went abalone diving in the freezing Pacific Ocean. We were told the visibility was just about the best they'd ever seen in 25+ years of diving. Everyone got their limit,
The Ab's in their shells

The divers, abs + little ones,
L to R: Nick, Eric, Isabelle, Dave, Rick Emily and Olivia

There's nothing like fresh abalone dinner!! Luckily they dove a second day so we were able to bring some home, frozen, for the next best thing to fresh for another dinner!!

Can't wait to go again next spring!!

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