Monday, October 04, 2010



I'm smiling today--it's another happy day, following a happy weekend of spending time with our kids and our grandbabies. Little ones can do that to you--melt your heart and force you to smile just because they are so precious and cute and cuddly. I think I've mentioned in a previous post that we have the cutest grandbabies. Well I am telling you again-they are the cutest. If there's any doubt just check out these little darlings.

We spent Saturday morning with Gigi, Brody Nicole and David.
For some reason Gigi is into nicknames and making up other various words. She loves to talk and talk and talk. (Guess she takes after her mom, her Yaya and her Papa!). She likes to repeat, over and over, phrases that seem to really impress her.

Gigi: "Your phone didn't answer! Your phone didn't answer!"

Me: "That's because I was in the shower."

Gigi: "Your phone didn't answer cuz you were in the shower. Your phone didn't answer cuz you were in the shower.............." I smile and laugh!

For quite a while Gigi has been calling Papa,
Popie and then just Pop! Now I thought Yaya was short enough that it wouldn't need a nickname. Not so! Recently she gave me a nickname, too. Yaya has become: Yai (pronounced "yi"). I smile and laugh!

Brody will be 6 months old in a couple of days. He has found his toes!!
He is rolling over and over and almost sitting up. He can balance a bit while sitting before he rolls over again! He is all smiles and talking quite a bit (probably getting ready to carry on a conversation with his big sister one day very soon!). His smile is contagious, and I can't help but smile and laugh when he giggles.

Sunday we drove to Orange County to spend the afternoon with Micah, almost 5 months, and Alex and Angelina.
Even though he is 5 weeks younger than Brody, Micah is almost the same size. I think Brody may be longer but Micah may soon pass Brody in the weight department. Micah wins in the hair department-he still has a full head of hair; Brody's hair is just starting to grow! Micah is a bit more chubby, but oh those chubby cheeks are so cute and when he smiles, (he's a bit more stingy with the smiles,probably because he doesn't see us that much) he's adorable! Again I just have to smile and laugh when I see him!

So you see, I just can't help but smile when I'm with our cute granbabies!

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