Thursday, August 19, 2010


We have the cutest granbabies! Seriously! They really are. They smile a lot and laugh a lot and generally just warm your heart when you hold them close. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are each, by far, well above the 10 mark! They are super huggable and squeezable and have oh so soft skin. We love holding them, although on a hot summer's day they don't much want to be held too close since they get too hot. We love spending any amount of time with them that we can.

Yesterday, Nicole and her two kids, Gigi and Brody, and I drove up to the OC to visit Micah, oh and his parents, too, for the day. It turned out to be quite a hot day...but our time together was so nice. We walked to a local Mexican cafe for lunch, hung out at Micah's pad near the fan, and enjoyed some frozen yogurt before heading back to San Diego. (I have to admit the yogurt was yummy despite my protests (I'm an "ice cream SNOB"usually!)!

Because it was hot the kiddos lazed around a bit:

Brody, 4 months, trying to roll over while eating his hand!

Gigi, 3 yrs, resting under a blanket (oops! don't tell dadddy she's using Unc A's PADRES blanket, which she choose herself!) on a HOT summer's day!!
(she got warm, go figure, pretty soon after getting the blanket situated!)

Micah, 3 months, sleeps while we all enjoy some frozen yogurt.

Oh, how we love these grandbabies sooooo much! Don't you agree they are the cutest granbabies!? Well, at least we think so and that's all that counts in our book!

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nicole viola said...

they are pretty darn cute!! :)