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Summer's in Full Swing: July 2009

July has come and gone, but not without a lot of happenings, for sure!

The biggest event in July was another family wedding--a Pavone this time!
Our niece, Amalia, daughter of Veneta and Tom (Nick's oldest brother) got married on July 10th. She married her sweetheart, Rick, on a very hot and humid day in Pensacola, Florida, where Rick is currently training to be an aircraft mechanic.
The happy couple, Mr and Mrs Zaragoza
just after the wedding!
I flew to Pensacola, with Amalia's other aunt, Laurel, and her Parents. We met Rick's mom, Ana, there, too. The women all helped the bride get ready, making sure she had "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue!" The bride wore an adorable white cotton dress with embroidered black flowers and matching white and black accented heels and carried a beautiful bouquet of Red roses and White daisies, while the groom wore his uniform (made of wool--he, definitely, suffered from the heat more than the rest of us!!!--but it was truly worth it!). Below, Proud mom and dad stand with the newly married couple!Tom, Amalia, Rick and Veneta

Me, Amalia, Rick and Laurel
The ceremony was performed by a court clerk outside the courthouse in downtown Pensacola, under two large, very old oak trees. It was short and sweet and full of love! We were all so glad to be a part of Amalia and Rick's special day and share in the joy! It was a short weekend and very hot and humid, but that didn't stop us from having a fabulous time!!

To view all the pictures from Amalia and Rick's wedding, go to my flickr page:

We camped for the 4th of July Weekend with the Eccles Family in Julian at KQ Ranch where we both have memberships, so we camp for "free!" It was our first trip in our motorhome since Nick had his rotator cuff surgery almost two months ago! It was a hot and breezy weekend. No fireworks but fun just the same. The small town of Julian has an annual old fashioned 4th of July Parade which didn't disappoint. We relaxed, took walks around the campground, and enjoyed the weekend in the mountains not far from home.

The weekend of July 23rd- 26th we took the whole family for a small vacation to Laughlin, Nevada. We headed to Lake Mojave for 3 days, where it was cooler next to the water than back in town.

L to r: Alex Angelina, Papa(Nick) Gigi, Nicole and David
Cooling off at the lake-only place to be was in the water!
The temperatures ranged from 98-111 degrees, at least not as hot as the week before when the temperatures got up to 120+ degrees for 4 days in a row!!
Gigi loved the boat--took naps in it, didn't mind wearing her life vest, and drove the boat with Papa. Above, she has one hand on the throttle and one hand steering, just like Papa!! It was really fun having the whole family together!

To view our July 2009 pictures go to my flickr page:

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