Sunday, June 28, 2009

June, Part 2

The week after our trip to New York was just your average week: laundry, work, etc.

June 19th
was my birthday and we celebrated the day
at Disneyland,
along with 1,000's of others who happen to share my birthday!!! I've never seen so many people with the same birthday (but everyday must be like that now that the Disney company has the Free Admission Day on Your Birthday--just sign up on their website)! They gave me a "Happy Birthday Button" with my name on it so many a stranger would call out "Happy Birthday, Karen" as they walked by! It seemed as though 1 in 4 people had those Birthday Buttons on! I was sung Happy Birthday while standing in the line for the Pirates of the Carribean ride and on the Jungle Cruise boat.
We met up with Alex and Angelina, her parents, Peggy and Rene, and her sister and family (Celeste, Daniel, Maliah (5), Sophia (1) and cousin, Trinity (8)). As it happens I share my birthday with Angelina's dad, Rene, and her niece, Sophia!!

We hadn't been to Disneyland in 7 years! While most of the park has remained the same over the years, with minor adjustments or changes, and the addition of new rides, the same can't be said for parking.We parked in their new HUGE parking structure which is away from the entrance. We were amazed that it took us an hour to get from our car, via a Disney tram, to the lines to get the tickets and then finally enter Disneyland!!

Despite the crowds, the lines weren't that long for most rides and we had an exhausting, fun filled day at the "Happiest Place on Earth!" We rode all the best rides: Space Mountain, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, Thunder Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, and of course, the Matterhorn--in fact we closed the park down, leaving Disneyland just after midnight!

The next morning, June 20th, we went to the San Diego County Fair (known to San Diegans as the Del Mar Fair)! This year the Annual Burn Run was also held at the fairgrounds, rather than Qualcomm Stadium on this day.
Nick and I with Mike Shore (Capt-RSFFD)

Each fire department within SD county drives an engine to the designated location picking up other department's engine along the way. It is a big event to raise money for the San Diego Burn Institute. Nick went in uniform and met up with many of the other fire chiefs from around the county in support of the event. Nick's department then did a demonstration of putting out a car fire which was quite interesting to watch.
RSFFPD engine arrives at the burning car!

Checking to make sure the fire is out.

We walked around the fair after the Burn Run activities were over surveying all the vendors and their products! Of course, we didn't leave the fair empty handed. We always find some great deals!!

We were exhausted by Sunday, Father's Day, so we just hung out at home. Nicole made a delicious Father's Day feast for us to enjoy; Alex and Ang came down for dinner and the yummy "Red Velvet Cake" Nicole made me for my birthday. (Thanks, Nicole!) Another great weekend.

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As the end of June nears, I couldn't end this blog without wishing

Nicole and David a very Happy 6th Anniversary!! (June 28)
We love you !!


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