Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun Visit with GIGI !

We recently visited Nicole, David and Gigi, now 15 months, in Denver. Nick attended the International Fire Chiefs' convention while I took the "D Line" from Downtown Denver to Littleton (closest train station to where they live in Highlands Ranch) to spend the days with the kids!! After his convention we went and stayed with them for a couple more days.
In these photos she is amazed at the "wa-wa" in a fountain in Castle Rock, just south of where they live. She loves the water, loves to swim in the pool, taking a bath and the rain (which she called both "wa-wa" and "bubbo" for bubbles, another favorite.

Gigi is at such a fun age. We love being grandparents--it is the BEST ! She is mimicing just about everything we say and babbles so much in her own language. She loves being with us and saying "yaya and 'ba-pa'" over and over again.

When she can't say a word she studies your face so closely and with such attention to try it. We talk to her a lot on "skype" on the internet so she is very familiar with who we are. Her face lights up everytime she says our names.

She's climbing,on everything, much to her parents dismay, and constantly on the move, not sitting still, a lot like her mom at that age and I suspect like her daddy, too. And oh what a 'mind of her own' she has, mixed with a bit of a temper when she doesn't get what she wants! Dare I say, "terrible twos, here she comes"??? Although for us, it'll be more like "testing twos" because even in her frustrating moments she is just too adorable for words! (as every grandparent will agree about his/her own grandchild!)

It was a great visit and hard for both Nick and I to leave. But, in a few months, hopefully we will be seeing a whole lot of them, when they move home to California!! YIPPEE!!

More pictures from our visit:

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