Tuesday, January 29, 2008


By now you've probably heard that we're having another wedding in May, and we're so happy to share this great news! It's an exciting time. Alex and Angelina will be getting married in Carlsbad, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The wedding is set for the late afternoon and the views will be beautiful. Here's a view with the happy couple in the front.
The reception will be held in our backyard, following the ceremony. Alex and Angelina are really organized. Most of the plans have been made. We are happy to be able to have this big event at our home!
Alex compiled both of the panoramic views of the locations. He's almost finished with his Digital Arts Certificate Program at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. He is looking forward to starting his new career this summer after the honeymoon.

If you need a place to stay for this big event we have a block of rooms reserved at the
Hampton Inn, about a mile and an half from our house. It's located off Hwy 78 and Twin Oaks Valley Road, at 123 Carmel St., San Marcos, CA 92078 (760) 736-9249. Special rate of $119/night (mention "PVW") is available for all reservations made at least a month before the wedding, or by April 30.


Nicole Viola said...

yay! a note: you mentioned bot panaramas, but you only posted one!

Nicole Viola said...

that should read BOTH not "bot." heehee

Yaya & Papa said...

Don't you see the panorama of the beach and then the one of our backyard? I see both on my page!!