Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter in California

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is right around the
corner! We spent a nice relaxing weekend rving at San Elijo State Beach, in Cardiff, with clear, sunny days and crisp nights!! We enjoyed campfires, great food, family and friends: including Nicole, David and Gianna from Colorado; David's parents from Chicago, Illinois; Alex and Angelina from Costa Mesa; my sister, Kathy, Josh my nephew, and my mom from Simi Valley; and friends, Rena and Jesse Frey.
In the top left picture, papa is holding Gianna, who is constantly in motion these days. To the right is a sh
ot of Nicole, Gianna and David in the tide pools.

The next picture is daddy, David with Gianna sporting her new U-Haul beanie getting ready for the cold outside! David returned to Colorado on the Monday after Thanksgiving while Nicole and Gianna stayed in California for two more weeks.

The picture to the left is great-grandma holding
sleeping Gianna.

It was great having Nicoe and Gigi (now 7 months) stay with us after Thanksgiving. Playing with Gianna is the best!! She was trying so hard to crawl while she was here. She was scooting and doing the wiggle worm crawl all over the family room floor. She discovered our dogs and was really fascinated by Sydney.
Luckily, Sydney was very good with her and allowed
Gigi to grab her nose, mouth and eyes.

Winter is here and Southern California has finally gotten some long overdue, and much needed, rain in the past few weeks. I'd forgotten how much I love the rain, since we so rarely get any. We're expecting some more rain this week. The nights have gotten much colder since before Thanksgiving. We even woke up to frost on the lawns this morning. The colder temps at night are sort of preparing us for our visit to Colorado to spend Christmas with Nicole, David, Gianna and family, although it's been in the 20's there, and snowing, so maybe not! We are looking forward to and praying for a White Christmas!

Christmas is such a joyous time, bringing families and friends together to celebrate the birth of our Lord. May you and yours have a joyous celebration remembering the true Meaning of Christmas!

PS Update of the Firestorm 2007: Things have started to calm down since the Firestorm. Nick's had a lot to do. His community has really poured out their support for the fire department. 61 homes were lost in the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District and 23 homes were damaged.

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