Friday, October 12, 2007

Vacation and Goodbyes

WOW! It's almost the middle of October! Much has happened since July.
Here's a recap:

In August we went to Bass Lake and Pismo Beach for our summer vacation. We met our camping buddies, the Nances there and had a great 10 days just hanging out. We took a day trip and drove through Yosemite National Park--truly awesome, and breathtaking views, despite the fact that Bridalveil Falls was a mere spray off the top!

Nances' Daughter, Emily and husband, Dave joined us for a long weekend,as did Nicole,David and Gianna!! Gianna (3 months old) is a natural camper-slept well in the tent and seemed to enjoy the whole outdoor experience!

She had her first boat ride (didn't like having the life vest put on, but fell asleep the minute the boat went fast), and she went for her first swim in a lake.

After Bass Lake we headed to Pismo Beach for a few days. Nicole and Gianna traveled with us. One night we had dinner with my college roomie, Dianne and her husband, John. Reminiscing is always fun.

September 8, we said a very difficult goodbye to Nicole, David and Gianna as they drove to their new home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. David's company moved there and so they went. We are happy for them and yet sad for us. We are missing them very much every day.

We do get to chat online with a webcam so we can see them! But I can't touch cute little Gianna!

Thanksgiving can't get here soon enough. They are all coming out here to camp over the long weekend. YEAH!!

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Nicole Viola said...

Miss you too! That was a fun trip, huh? By the way, I fixed my profile, no one had ever noticed before that I was apparently from Afghanistan!!