Tuesday, January 31, 2006

About the Chief and Mrs Chief

Welcome to our Blog page. We are very new to this Blogging thing so bear with us as we learn how to blog. In fact, this is my first ever blog! But I am ready for the challenge of blogging, if that is the correct use of the word. I haven't even told the Chief that we have a blog page. I am sure he will be so excited. Hopefully soon, he too, will catch on to the Blog phenomenon and join me on our Blog page.

SO, about us: we've been married 27 years and have lived in San Marcos, all of our married lives, except the first three months. We really like living in North San Diego County.

The Chief, Nick, has been with his fire department for 27 years, too, his anniversary date with the fire department being tomorrow, February 1st, also his birthday! He worked his way from firefighter to engineer to captain to deputy chief in his long career as a firefighter and is now the Fire Chief. I've been given the nickname of Mrs Chief since I've been married to Nick and the fire service too!!

I'm a wife and a mom,and I sell AVON (have for 16 years).While the fire service has been Nick's passion, mine is sewing and quilting. I also work at Quilt in a Day, a fabric and quilt supply store in San Marcos , which truly is a fun and rewarding job!

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4pativan said...

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